Who We Are

As President and CEO, Jim Nixon is responsible for the direction of all operations of the company, including predemolotion and demolition operations. Jim also takes an active role in development of demolition policies and procedures and negotiating and issuing contracts. Jims entrepreneurship experience began with 10 years of field experience before founding Curb Appeal Plus in 2011 and branching on to Heavy Metal Movers. Since that time, Jim Nixons’ vision and strategy for the company has been to provide each customer and project with the utmost professional service , so that they may have the best experience possible.

Our Staff

One of the keys to our organization lies in training and retaining of key personnel to ensure a seamless operation. We strive to employ only the most qualified and well-experienced staff, staff versed in expertly deconstructing and demolishing all types of structures in as safe and environmentally responsible manner as possible. We regularly perform in-house training to keep our staff up-to-date in the latest health and safety procedures.